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Grow your business organically .

Do you own an online boat and marine store? If your focus is to sell any products in the boating category, we can help you optimize your store to rank on Google for searchers exclusively interested in learning and buying boating and marine products.

  • Target your products that are profitable

  • Rank for keyword searches on Google for products

  • Get relevant content to share on social media

  • Create interest in products with relevant content

  • Organic drives 300% more traffic than social media

  • Google organic search is responsible for 59.2% of web traffic

  • Over 3.5 billion searches are performed daily on Google

  • Free SEO analysis
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    Become a subject matter expert

    Our company focuses on building sustainable organic traffic that provides searchers with helpful trustworthy content that helps inform their decision making and positions your company as the trusted subject matter expert for the services and products you sell.

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    Scalable organic traffic

    So many e-commerce companies build strong ad campaigns that drive traffic and profit to new heights. After awhile, you start to get ad fatigue. You try new creative. You try new copy. You try new offers. You try new agencies but the best way to scale is organic traffic with thorough content.

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    High converting traffic

    Our skilled writers use techniques like the PASTOR method, the Quest Formula along with many other refined headline and sales copy skills to help position your brand and offers to maximize conversions with strong calls to action in blog content.

    Testimonials, what clients say......

    Cindy Collins, e-commerce business owner

    Cindy Collins

    Euphoric Herbals


    Joel and his team are the bees knees! I initially hired Eastmoor Digital to help with SEO, but I knew during our interview his team were going to be such an amazing asset to my company due to the vast knowledge and skillset they possessed. I can't recommend them enough for digital marketing!

    Sam Chick, e-commerce business marketer

    Sam Chick

    Chicks Saddlery


    I’ve been using Eastmoor Digital for SEO for the past 2 years. They have played a huge role in the consistent growth of our ecommerce business. I recommend them to any business owner who is looking to take their business to the next level.

    Rob Young, ecommerce business owner

    Rob Young



    The team at Eastmoor Digital have been great to work with! They have been a strategic partner for 2+ years. Our organic traffic went from 200 visitors a day to 1500 in just one year. You are not just another company when working with them. Wish we had found them sooner. Highly Recommend!

    We help E-commerce businesses make more sales organically 

    We will work with you to develop the best practices for content deployment at strategic points in the client journey that will drive SEO value & foster productive interactions with clients that drive revenue.

    Free SEO analysis
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